trying to think of ways to be net positive. 

went to the climate march which was like a parade. didnt go to flood wallstreet. probably should have swapped. feeling like the only thing that wil induce awareness radical enough to affect climate chnage is a disaster followed by a regime of climat-o-fascists. or clamato-fascists? 

another screentest for updown. too fast, obvs. 

another screentest for updown. too fast, obvs. 

The several ways to think of and define a system include:

All the parts of a system must be related (directly or indirectly), else there are really two or more distinct systems A system is encapsulated, has a boundary. The boundary of a system is a decision made by an observer, or a group of observers. A system can be nested inside another system. A system can overlap with another system. A system is bounded in time. A system is bounded in space, though the parts are not necessarily co-located. A system receives input from, and sends output into, the wider environment. A system consists of processes that transform inputs into outputs. A system is autonomous in fulfilling its purpose.

timelapse slow motion

types of interaction for tone.js

as a frame for tone.js, i want to discuss several types of audio interactivity—existing and speculative — for the browser. 

songs generated in the browser

participatory model (time based) 

negotiating parameters 

digital audio workstation

- including synthesizers, sequencers

participatory model over sockets (time based)

participatory model (ambient)

participatory model over sockets (ambient)

tumblr when you have literally almost no followers or whatever they’re called here is a pretty safe space for the digital world

oh right

if you write enough at a computer can it start writing like you for you is a central question

first post

just now without realizing it i’ve gotten into something completely different. took a workshop with ana boziecevic  and sophia le fraga at BHFQ today, was prompted to write about yves klein void. 

obviously there is a gap here between what we see and what is happening. obviously, there is a gap here between what we see here and what happened. is there though a gap between what we see here and what’s happening? it’s obvious that something happened. it’s obvious that something happened. but also, when i, for one, see here what is happening, i think first: what will happen?

i think second: wait what happened? and slowly, slowly, slowly, it becomes obvious what happened. it becomes obvious what has happened it becomes obvious what has happened. and i say it becomes obvious what is happening well shit i’m glad i figured it out then out or am i? 

anyway while i was there i thought about taking a poetry workshop and like literally hijaking it and taking it to a place to clean up trash or talk to a stranger or something at least.

interesting conversation about writing versus publishing in taeyoon’s memory class. that’s why i am starting doing this. starting doing this.